Development or welfare state?

Development or welfare state? ##

*** (Article by Jaber Mir) ###

It is an unsettled question between these two, development or welfare state, which one comes first or which one does good to the people as the citizens of a country are the main or sole steck holders as well as the owners of the state which should be run in line with the demands and wants of the citizens but if a keen observation is paid to the machineries or present state-run policy, there are only the loud but fake voices of development and the real or actual development must be related to justice, safety of life and wealth, law and order situation,corruption free state-run activities, morality, quality based education, righteous and patriotic politicians, bureaucrats free from politics, campus free from political grip, peaceful and harmonious social bridge, peaceful democratic practice etc.

But is anyone of the above present in our country?

The gospel and undebating answer is absolutely no.

But the state rulers and thier cronies are always proclaiming loud but fake voice of development.

Does that very loud voice deserve any sign of truth in support?

Question is what the development is.

Erecting some gigantic bridges and flyovers, making some modern highways, constructing some sky high buildings, introducing modern communication, raising the rate of higher education without quality, enlarging employment facilities indulged in corruption and so on are not the real or true development.

If the citizens are not safe in both life and property, if their fundamental rights are exploited, if the field of practising democracy is not equal to all, if the morality of the people is uplifted, if the judiciary is not free from the grip of ruling party,if the state run wings are not free from corruption, if the freedom of express is suffocated, if no humanity grows, if sympathy is not born to others’ cries, if no sign of respect each other, it is undoubtedly said that there is no real or true development and then under these circumstances, the state or the country is not a welfare state and no true or real development is present on that very land.

So, in a word keeping keen observations there is no real development as humans and humanity demand or deserve rather we all are spellbound on outer glittering objects or cocooned within nothingness.

                                                                                                                                                                                               (Jaber Mir)

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