Are we an independent nation or people living in a separated land?

Are we an independent nation or people living in a separated land?

 (Article by Jaber Mir)

Are we an independent nation or people living in a separated land with a national flag with a view to observing some nationally historical days is a common question of general people?

If it is scrutinised in the deepest sense the heart-felt answer is we are a nation only in the so-called name of independence living in a separated land having a national flag and become very busy observing some national days with befitting and enthusiastic manners through keeping pride for those days but in the real sense we have very few things which a free nation should or must have.

As for, do the common people have the right to say the right thing if it goes against the ruling party?

Obviously not, if the government is criticised, the criticizer is rigorously punished or disturbed or publicly dishonoured, which is not the sign or proof of real independence.

If anyone talks against the bureaucracy, he must lose honour and be sent to the custody and here the government is silent to the custodian and very negatively active favouring the bureaucracy as the bureaucrats are always darkly bright to say yes to the offers and orders of the government in view of sweeping over all types of advantages without thinking whether legal or illegal, which proves that the bureaucrats are for the government not for the citizens.

The ruling party is always blind to support that all the state-run wings are doing for the welfare of the citizens as the wings are darkly obeying the signals of the government but the oppositions always claim that the bureaucrats are the oppressors to the citizens and the dolls of the government, here which one is right is unknowingly apparent as day light.

The law and order enforcers can arrest anybody without any visible reason or case,can badly torture, can release taking bribe without any accountability and sometimes unnatural death (killing in real sense) takes place under the so-called lame excuse of interrogation and the near ones of the victims do not get justice rather they are repeatedly disturbed in going to the court for justice, which is not the sign of real independence or real judiciary system.

Many many cries of the weak and common people remain unjudged. Many sensational criminals with deadly crimes move freely or heroicly, on the contrary,many people without committing any guilt have been passing years after years within the four walls of the prison.

Considering all the matters discussed above in this article, it is undoubtedly proved that we are not an independent nation in real sense but people living in a separated land with a national flag to observe some nationally historical days.

                                                                                                                                                                    (Jaber Mir)

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