Causes Behind Social Unrest

Causes Behind Social Unrest

(Article by Jaber Mir)

Comparison between the then social bridge and the present one differs unprecedentedly, resulting in ,dreadful unrest ,invasion by the powerfully established figures, enmity among the people residing around, plunging with dreadful weapons and disharmony deeply-rooted everywhere, for which we all are going towards darkness beyond recovery but nobody concerned muses upon what actually engulfs our society.

In the days gone ago, a simple boy respected and gently talked with a senior person while meeting each other and the senior asked the boy about his studies and future plan, resulting in, a social bridge would form there but now that very senior does not ask so as the conduct of the young generation has greatly changed accompanied with the loss of due tribute to the senior ones, that is, social harmony has sunk into the deep sea of disharmony.

There are many reasons behind social decay, among all the worst is running after money and wealth without considering the right and wrong and day by day the educated have been replaced by the unlettered moneyed and it is true as day light that unlettered moneyed as well as politically polluted never show any respect to the educated leading life simply.

A boy coming of such an unlettered-moneyed family never learns to pay due tribute to the society and as a result our social balance is rapidly and dangerously deteriorating.

Now it is randomly seen that two neighbouring families have no amity with good relation if their economic and political status are not same.

Politically powerful people want do whatever they like, thinking ,the others must live under their whims and claws as like as hand dolls but why!

When a society gives top priority only to earning money and power whether legally or illegally, that very society must fall to the abolishment.

Sometimes it is seen that having domination over the society one family files false cases against another one causing untold suffering but the other members of the society take no initiatives thinking the fear of losing self-respect, which drives the society to the face of destruction.

So, the day has come to realise that sitting speechless leads our traditional and age-old social harmony to the ocean of darkness from which recovery is hardly possible. ***************** (Jaber Mir)

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