Our democracy on the banishment

Our democracy on the banishment

(Article by Jaber Mir)

A vivid question is burning the heart of the people if our democracy is banished or on the way of banishment as no sign of real democratic practice is present in the country.In our country the ruling party empowered on the throne always thinks that the country along with the resources is leased on them and other democratic parties lose all kinds of rights to practise and the ruling party with thier allies can do whatever they like without thinking the legal and fundamental rights of others given by the constitution.

No mistake or misruling by the government is allowed to discuss as well as no protest,no procession,no move by the opposition is welcomed rather the rulers try to bring down all dislikes through using illegal force or strong-handedly at any cost and in this case how much blood sheds in the streets is no matter for them. Strong opposition is the screened success of democracy because strong and healthy oppositions can trace out the mistakes and misrules or any anti-public decision but what we see in our country is no real sign of democratic practice by the party empowered.

To run procession, to stand against any misrule,to speak for the general people is the fundamental and constitutional rights of any citizen but this practice is completely gone in the country.It is vividly proved that the universal definition of democracy by the then president(USA) Abraham Lincoln”Democracy is of the people for the people by the people”is dead or banished in our country rather the bitter but true definition of democracy prevailing in our country is”Democracy is of the ruling for the ruling by the ruling”,which is nothing but a body without nerves or breath.If any meeting or gathering or seminar is called upon,the ruling party with all types of wings tries to suffocate standing for,the people are kept away from knowing what the government does for them or what their mistakes are.A transparent question to the government is if the ruling party has already done much good or benevolent to the people, why they are afraid of the oppositions or afraid of a free and fair election. Why are they afraid of the gatherings of the oppositions.Both good and bad of the government should be clear or transparent to the public eyes as our country is a republic one,that is,the people of the country are the real owners not any political party alone.It should be remembered that the fair weather coming from the horizon,one day foul weather may come from the same horizon and a stong but safe protection must be had,thinking,this is not the last Friday rather Friday must come repeatedly upto the doomsday.

(Jaber Mir)

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