Political terrorism or terror-hatching politics?

Political terrorism or terror-hatching politics?

(Article by Jaber Mir)

It is now undeniable that our land is a prolific hatchery of terrorism but how this cultivation of terrorism is deeply rooted is a question to the general people, which now permeates in each and every corner like cobwebs under which general people are enfettered from foot to head but state-run machine fully goes in vain, the most significant question of the origin of terrorism is openly known to all but it remains unanswered because the answerers are the main owners of the hatchery of terrorism.

There is another unmet question is the political leaders always claim that the terrors have no party, which they say to dodge public vision silly as it is commonly seen that terrors take shelters under political umbrella and the terrors or miscreants are dearer to the political parties than general people.

It is openly seen that when any terror commits any crime and his political introduction becomes open to all, first the party he owns denies his relation to the party and if that very party fails to delete his political involvement then he is temporarily suspended from the party-based activities but judicial action is seldom taken against him and after a period of time he is again welcomed to the party as by then his suspension and the story of committed crime have gone out of public memory, and that very criminal begins committing crimes again recklessly as he has been assured of political shelter, he thinks, no matter, whatever he does under political umbrella.

When any general person does any crime or wrong, he is hurriedly arrested to the jail to win over cheap public sentiment with a view to making people realize that justice is strongly prevailing across the country but when any party-related(specially ruling party)person commits any crime the party is here quietly blind to that very criminal, which vigorously hatches the saplings of crimes.

The political leaders always claim that the terrors or criminals have no party but in respect of our politics it is apparently true that there is no criminal without the take-care of politics or political patronization.

It is a gospel truth that none is born a terror or a criminal rather a person in our country is politically patronised to be a criminal or a terror.

Despite committing heinous crimes, they need not face being jailed, though sometimes arrested, they get bailed easily and finally get scot free for political intervention ,which is not seen applicable to the general people.

So, terrorism in our country is both politically-hatched and politically-welcomed.

                                                                                                                                                                                               (Jaber Mir)

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