Retrogressive economic plan

Retrogressive economic plan

 (Article by Jaber Mir)

It is like a proverb that development in Bangladesh is on fire and it is widely expressed by the government and their cronies but if we have any watchful look through the mega projects already completed or on the completion what the future consequences we observe.

There is nobody but wants the development of the country but before cherishing the development we must think first what we want or are going to do whether these are under our worth or not.

Undoubtedly our country is a foreign loan- based one and the loans taken must have to be paid back with interest today or tomorrow, which is totally neglected and the common people don’ t muse upon this or most of the people are unable to think it over, just they are happily to get a tunnel under the Karnaphuli.

A tunnel under a river quickens the communication,no doubt,but are we able to enjoy a tunnel built on thousands of crore?

It is nothing but aristocratic outlook on loaned money by mortgaging the country to others.

Eating a very poor menu is better and wiser than that of a rich menu by borrowed money because the borrowed money must be paid back oneday and if no ability is had then to pay back what will happen.

Before taking any project on loan- money, it must be thought first whether the money behind the project will come back or not, and another subject to think is what the benefit will come from the project or actually it is needed or not otherwise the burden of loan will be heavier more and more, resulting in becoming a bankrupt nation in future.

Karnaphuli Tunnel is here just an example of unnecessary mega projects but many more projects are now running in the country like that on loan money and the feedback may not be able to pay back the loans with interest but the beating of the drum is the country is on fire of development.

But do we think a little what will happen when the time to pay back the loaned money knocks at the door?

Following our asset and economy,we should take the projects which give a good feedback in future.

If we fail to return the loans taken from foreign countries or other financial institutions, giving loans to us by them must be stopped.

Then what will happen?

Eating rich dish by borrowed money must one day lead to the starvation.

So, if we cannot think before taking unnecessary mega projects on loan-money, oneday we must have to taste the bitter experience but then we will have no way to compensate rather a heavier bag of alms mus hang on the shoulder of the nation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Jaber Mir)

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