Uncontrolled Commodity price and future consequences

Uncontrolled Commodity price and future consequences

(Article by Jaber Mir)

Now the widely discussed matter which alarmingly shakes down the life of general people is the sky-high price of daily necessaries and each and every family fails to lift that very heavy stone on the shoulder but nothing to do or say rather bears the brunt of bitter experience, also very often cannot cope with managing a minimum meal, sometimes passes days in starvation, silent weeping remains among many as they cannot supply the cheapest menu to their beloved kids.

It is obviously true that a war-crisis in between two Scandinavian countries is on tremendous fire, which has already flung the world to a severe economic crisis related to both commercial and food supply arena but it is more than true that the business personals in our country are money- mongers to grab ill-opportunities without thinking whether their money coming from business is legal or illegal rather they are unprecedentedly greedy to amass hill-like money leading the general lives to the untold sufferings.

If a little price of any commodity increases globally, they add more than to the existing price and it is apparently proved that there is nobody to observe and monitor the unwanted situation, which proves a reckless trade and commerce, resulting to public sufferings.

But always a blame-game between the government and the business personals is continuous, which proves no wing is accountable.

But it is true as day light if the present kids and adolescent cannot be supplied with the foods they deserve to be fit and healthy, a big number of the nation in near future must be ill-healthy and mal-nutritious, they cannot serve the nation, on the contrary they will be unbearable burdens, which finally must make a disabled nation and then we will have nothing to do except repentance.

So, the time has already beckoned us to take fruitful measures otherwise the nation must dive into bottomless ocean of disasters.

   Jaber Mir

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