Why not in other constitutional posts ?

Why not in other constitutional posts?

(Article by Jaber Mir)

In our country according to the constitution, the tenure of the president(His Majesty) is not more than two times to be in that state-highest chair though that very post is only a constitutional ornament without holding any power of state-run decision or policy but the question is why not in other state-owned constitutional posts.

They who(in the parliament) enacet the tenure of the president are above that very law, nothing but a matter of keeping themselves from the law.

That the law makers are out of that very law is nothing but a banter.

A sour eater cannot make or force other not eat sour.

All the constitutional or state-highest posts like prime ministry, members of the parliament, ministry, chairman and secretary of the political parties and so on should not be more than two times for the same person.

If this system can be established, accountability must be more and more, then monarchy or tyranny must disappear.

If a person wants to do something benevolent or wants to do something brilliant for the nation, not more than two times to be seated on the highest are needed rather unlimited tenure may have the possibility of being tyrant or autocratic.

There is another objected matter is doing politics or to be on the higher posts of political parties has no age-limit.

In our country after taking retirement, some people enter politics, which is also nothing but a banter as a person is sent to the retirement for being bent over with age in both physically and mentality but that very retired ones are very active in politics, why?

A person bent over with age cannot do actively and physically and so he is sent to the retirement but how he regains power and energy to do politics!

Age never frees anybody from being tired in all fields but in our politics the phenomenon is just opposite only to change own fate or lot not for the country or the nation and so as it happens.

So, the time has come to think deeply over the above discussed fields.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Jaber Mir)

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